Sunday, August 22, 2010

Paleo Crumble

From Nick Linton, CFNZ

2 apples cut into thin slices
1 x 500g bag mixed berries
8-10 dates chopped
...Handful of walnuts
Handful of almonds
Handful of macadamias
Handful of pecans
Handful of barzil nuts
A tablespoon of love
A cup of enthusiasm
A 'can-do' attitude

Preheat over to 150-175 Celsius ish.

Place apples and berries into a baking dish.
Mix all other ingredients in a food processor.
Top the berries and apples with the crumble.
Bake for approx 20-25mins, keeping an eye on the top of the crumble in case it starts to burn. If this happens, turn it down a bit...

Serve with warm coconut creme with a smile :)

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