Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fish Cakes and Kumara & Parsnip Chips

Fish Cakes: from my friend Vee


garlic cloves - the more the merrier to keep the vampires away

1/2 lg onion quartered

4 eggs

about 1lb raw chopped tender white fish fillet (I used grenadier. Sole, snapper, tarakihi, or other can be easily substituted)

1 cup almond flour

a touch of tarragon

A few leaves of fresh basil (or a tsp or so of dried)

Cajun seasoning

coconut oil (to cook in)


Pulse garlic, onions in a food processor

Add eggs and process enough to blend

Add fish chunks and process to blend fish well

Pour into bowl and mix in almond flour. See picture for consistency.

Form batter into cakes and fry in coconut oil on medium heat until browned, flipping once.

Drain finished cakes on paper towel.

I served with homemade garlic mayo.

Kumara and parsnips:

Use vegetable peeler to get thin slices, coat in olive oil, salt and pepper. Heat a pan and cook in rendered duck fat for best flavor. flip once and cook til crunchy. Drain on paper towel. Good hot or cold. Don't overload the pan or they will be mushy.