Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eat Local and in Season

Matt and I have been getting Food from Simply Food for a few months. It makes is easy to eat organic local veggies and fruit. It also forces me to try new foods. If anyone would like more info, check out their site. If we get 4 deliveries weekly, we can have them delivered right to MaD CrossFit each Thursday.

Welcome to Simply Good Food Online Shop

ALL members are able to choose from a selection of quality fresh produce items each week, with optional “extras” offered on a seasonal basis. All of our fruit and vegetables are available for purchase as individual items, so you can tailor your order to meet your weekly needs.

The online shop opens each week on Friday at 5:00pm and orders are taken until 11:00am on Tuesday morning. Members can access the shop during these times via the website.

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