Friday, September 3, 2010

Slow Cooked Pollo Con Salsa Roja

From Everyday Paleo

3 lbs boneless skinless organic free range chicken thighs
1 yellow onion sliced
7 celery stalks diced
2 cups baby carrots
28 oz can of El Pato Salsa Para Enchiladas (or good organic salsa)
Juice from 1 lemon
4 cloves of garlic minced
1 bunch of cilantro chopped
2 avocados diced

In the bottom of your slow cooker, layer the carrots, celery, and onions and top with the minced garlic. On top of the veggies layer your chicken, squeeze the lemon juice over the chicken, and pour the entire contents of the El Pato sauce on top. Cook on low all day (6-8 hours). Serve topped with the diced avocado and cilantro.

I also made baked summer squash. I cut the zucchinis into large chunks, placed them in a glass backing dish and drizzled the squash with this mornings bacon grease and seasoned with plenty of garlic powder, dried oregano, and black pepper. Bake at 450 for 25-30 minutes.

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